• Go Beavers!!!

Hands-on experience at PCC teaches Agriculture students about cattle reproduction and management

02 October 2018

The Pratt Community College Agriculture department added a few new faces to enhance the program. Two, realistic life-like cow and calf simulators.
“The students are very excited,” said Agriculture instructor, Lori Montgomery. “This brings a whole new element to the program.”

Earlier this year, the PCC Ag Program purchased a full, life-size Hereford model and a Black Angus compact simulator complete with matching calves. Both models are set up for calving simulations complete with padded fetal extractors, obstetric chains and head snare as well as landing mats for the newly “born” calves. Students can gain hands-on knowledge of all types of calving situations with the 85 pound newborns from a normal birth to breach. The compact model sits comfortably on a classroom table and is quick to set up so that students can take turns.

The Hereford cow simulator stands at nearly 4.5 feet tall and is equipped with even more functions. This lovely lady has interchangeable reproductive parts so students can simulate not only a dystocia but also artificial insemination and pregnancy palpation. She has a functional udder with a milk tank to simulate milking. 

“Being able to have these simulators in our classroom provides students with a level of hands-on training that we couldn’t be able to offer at this level before,” said Montgomery.

The animal simulators allow students to become proficient in their diagnostic and practical skills without the need to endanger or cause unnecessary discomfort to live animals. Agriculture students will have access to use the simulators in many different classes within the program like Beef Production and Animal Science.
Montgomery also said that her goal in the future is to promote the full-size Hereford cow and calf within the community.

“My goal is to be able to take her [the cow] around the state and introduce her to grade school students, FFA chapters and even adult learners who are interested.”
Montgomery also plans to name the Hereford cow and calf with the help of her students.

The mission of the Agriculture Program is to emphasize student learning while preparing students with the requisite agricultural knowledge base and practical skills to transfer to a four-year college or university, or to successfully enter their chosen agricultural career. For more information about the Agriculture Department, please contact Lori Montgomery by calling 620-450-2186 or by email at lorim@prattcc.edu.