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Business class creates marketing plan, display case

13 April 2015

Students in most Introduction to Business classes are asked to come up with a business plan but Pratt Community College’s business instructor Junnae Landry takes it a step further by asking them to write a marketing plan.

“The marketing plan still requires students to write a budget, set goals and figure out what they are going to sell and to whom, but adding the marketing plan just takes it a step further,” Landry said.

The students are broken into groups and are required to come up with a plan to visually sell the item. Each group is given $10 and two weeks to show their work in a campus display case.

“This makes students recognize a marketing plan is just a small portion of a business plan,” Landry said. “It’s not just a matter of going out and selling an item. They have to think about the budget, demographics and how they are going to sell it.”

After each project has been displayed in the case the students conduct a survey to people at the college asking what they remember about each display. Landry said it isn’t about which display was the poll favorite but about the color scheme the students used and what they did to sell the product.