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People of PCC - Brittany Smith

06 October 2017
People of PCC

"In elementary school I was playing soccer for Fort Worth United, a club team in Texas. It was our first time ever playing as a team together. We were in our first tournament and we made it through to the very end. We were going to play the best club team in our area. We ended up at 0-0 the entire game, no one had scored, so we went into PKs. I remember I was one of the last ones called to kick for one of the PKs. All I could think about is 'I suck at PKs. I am no good at PKs.' I remember looking at the goalie and thinking, 'She is going to save this. She is going to save this and we are going to lose and I am going to be really upset. Or, I am going to score this and I am going to be really excited. We are going to win.' I ended up scoring it and freaking out. That is probably still one of the best moments of my life." 

Brittany Smith