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People of PCC - Erin Shaw

06 February 2018

"I’m originally from Rooks County, about an hour north of Hays. I was raised out in the country in the middle of nowhere, however I was born here in Pratt. My dad came to school here and my brother recently came down to school here. I was also involved with the homeschool group in Pratt, so it made my decision to attend PCC very easy.

Right now, I am studying business management. Deciding what I wanted to major in was kind of a process. Currently, I am a CNA. I thought about going directly into nursing, because I really enjoy the nursing field. However, being a CNA, I saw a lot of issues within the realm of nursing homes that I wanted to fix. Therefore, I am going into business management and eventually following up with a nursing degree. My ultimate goal is to eventually do business management at a nursing home to fix some of those issues I had dealt with as a CNA.

I love helping others and I always wanted to do something for my career that physically helps someone else. I felt that working in a nursing home and fixing some of the common issues in the field is a great way help others and will lead to a fulfilling career."

Erin Shaw