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Pratt Community College Leads Recycling Efforts

18 December 2014

In a time when county landfill capacity and renewable energy is reaching a level of critical importance, Pratt Community College remains a leader in recycling and sustainability.

“The college supports environmental stewardship and energy savings in many ways,” said Kent Adams, Vice President of Finance and Operations. “In addition to recycling, the college installed wind turbines that supply approximately 20 percent of our electrical needs. PCC has also retrofitted lighting across campus to more energy efficient lighting, replaced aging boilers and a chiller with fuel efficient models.”

Wind turbines and efficient lighting is just one of the ways PCC supports the environment.

Representatives of the Pratt County Recycling Center state that while no official records are kept, PCC is estimated to be the number one recycler in the county in the category of white paper at approximately 300-400 pounds deposited each month. White paper is the most lucrative category of recyclable materials and therefore yields the greatest return to the county.

PCC’s Linda Hunt Memorial Library is also a heavy contributor to the recycling effort. Since 2011, the library has recycled or donated 45,858 pounds of magazines, newspapers, white paper and cardboard.

Paper recycling on the PCC campus began as a service initiative by the students of Kappa Beta Delta, a business honor society. The project was eventually taken over by the institution and expanded.

According to Darrell Kruse who now oversees the recycling program for PCC, the college’s cardboard recycling total is even larger than the white paper at approximately 1800 pounds per month, largely from the cafeteria and from mailed packages received by the college. Other materials recycled by PCC include glass, office pack (glossy and colored paper), chipboard (non-corrugated cardboard such as cereal boxes) and phone books.

For Kruse, recycling is not just another part of his job – it’s something he takes personally.

“Recycling is something that everyone can do,” he says. “Since the county started their recycling program and I started separating my recyclables at home, I produce a sixth of the trash that I used to. Every home and every business in town should be taking a look at their recycling practices.”

The Pratt County Recycling Center is located at 1102 South Main. The center is open 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday to Friday and 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday.