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Alumna says "PCC was the foundation to my degree"

26 June 2015

“I loved PCC, it was my favorite year of college,” said Kimberly Brown, who attended Pratt Community College during the 2006-2007 school year.

Brown, who grew up in Pratt, said she originally attended PCC because she could get her general education classes out of the way while still living at home but saw many benefits later in life.

“The class sizes and availability of the teachers was wonderful,” she said. “I later saw how my decision to go to PCC made my foundation stronger than that of my peers.”

While at PCC, Brown was also a member of Phi Theta Kappa and Who’s Who Among College Students.

Knowing that after leaving PCC, she was going continue with her dietitian degree, Brown took all the biology and chemistry classes she could.

“The teachers were awesome,” she said. “I learned so much that first year, which was my foundation to my degree.”

Attending PCC gave her the opportunity to meet people from all over the country, including her chemistry partner from Arkansas, Chris, whom she later married.

“College is a huge transition,” she said. “PCC made it easier for me to make the transition from high school to college because of how friendly everyone was.”

Chris was a baseball player so after leaving PCC the two went to Henderson State University so he could continue playing. In 2010, she received her BS in Dietetics and Chris a BS in Physics. They both then went on to Oklahoma State University, where they both received master’s degrees.

The couple has been living in Maryland, where Chris has been working at University of Maryland Medical Center for a residency in Medical Dosimetry.
This coming weekend, the couple and their two year-old son will be moving to Tulsa, where both Chris and Kimberly will work at Saint Francis Hospital.