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PCC foundation announces million dollar challenge

20 March 2018

 With $300,000 raised and a $1 million challenge grant in place, The Pratt Community College Foundation has launched a capital campaign to build a track and field complex.
“We are pleased to announce that the Foundation is working to secure funding for this important project,” says Foundation Board and Campaign Committee Member Gregg Lesh of Wichita.  “The project will benefit not only the Community College, but Skyline and Pratt school students as well. We are excited to have a privately funded $1 million challenge grant to help us reach our goal.” 
“This is a community project,” says Pratt Community College President Dr. Michael Calvert.  “The College does not have a track and field facility.  Skyline school district has a highly inadequate track and field facility, and the Pratt School district has a track which does not allow them to host track meets.  The track and field complex—built as a result of this capital campaign—will serve all three of these schools, and much like the Green Sports Complex, serve as an economic engine for the community.”
"We are grateful for the planning that has taken place with the school districts, the City, and others," said Calvert.  

The College Foundation is taking the lead on securing the funding for this project, but the facilities are designed to help the entire community.  In addition to the local schools and PCC, the track will be available to host such events as AAU meets and Special Olympics and will also serve as a health and exercise venue for the public.  The field inside the track will have an artificial surface that can be used by the PCC soccer teams, as well as City recreation programs and the general public.  An artificial surface provides the flexibility for many options, including youth tournaments, which will complement other events at Green Sports Complex and will further strengthen the value of the sports complex in bringing visitors to Pratt.

“Our lead donor, who wishes to remain anonymous, has provided a $1 million challenge grant,” says Foundation Executive Director Barry Fisher.  “When the challenge grant is met, we will have $2.3 million of funding in place.”
 The $2.3 million will pay for the track and field construction.  An additional $1.2 million in funding is required to complete the parking, seating venues, and on-site buildings.
According to Fisher, a campaign leadership committee has been recruited and with the challenge grant in place, major gift solicitation has begun. 
“We are sitting down with individuals, foundations and businesses asking for their support of this project,” said Fisher.
“Our timeline for construction is dictated in large part by our fundraising,” says Lesh.  “We would hope to start actual track construction in the Spring of 2019.  We have a lot of work to complete to meet that deadline.”
“We have never attempted such a capital campaign, before,” says Dr. Calvert. “We are grateful for the donors who have already engaged with us, and the volunteers helping lead the campaign.  Volunteer leaders like Gregg Lesh, who is a native son of Pratt, but has called Wichita home for decades, are important to our success.”
Plans call for the track and field facility to be built east of the current Green Sports Complex located on the southeast side of Pratt.