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2018 Winterfest Royalty Court announced

24 January 2018

The first annual Winterfest at Pratt Community College marls a significant year and time in the history of the institution. As PCC celebrates their 80 year anniversary students, staff and community members are also celebrating the spirit and pride of being a part of this institution.

This week PCC celebrates by hosting a multitude of events including a talent show, bon fire pep rally, Beaver wrestling, a formal dance and the first ever Winterfest Royalty King and Queen.

Winterfest King and Queen is an important and visible role at PCC. The King and Queen represent all the best of student life, leadership, scholarship, community involvement and beyond. Eight students were nominated by departments and organizations to be considered for the crowns.

The candidates will spend the rest of the week supporting Winterfest events and activities as well as running a campaign.

PCC students can vote on their 2018 King and Queen on campus by casting their ballot on either Wednesday, Jan. 24 from 12-1:00 p.m. in the Upper Commons area and on Thursday, Jan. 25 from 5:30-6:30 p.m. in the Cafeteria
Coronation will take place on Saturday, Jan. 27 at halftime of the Men’s game which tips off at 4 p.m. in the Beaver Dome.

Here are your 2018 Winterfest King and Queen candidates;

therlmon headshot
Thurlmon Mosley; Sophomore-Accounting; Kansas City, MO

My name in Thurlmon Mosley and I am from Kansas City, Missouri.
I am majoring in Accounting and spend my time working as a Resident
Assistant in Novotny Hall and in the Residence Life office. In my free
time I enjoy taking naps, playing pick-up basketball games, and attending
student activities.

I am representing the RA staff team this afternoon and I am honored
they picked me to represent this group. I will graduate PCC in
spring 2018 and plan on transferring to a four year institution.

Kwanza Jones (Performing Arts); Sophomore- Sports Management;: Needville, TX

Just a small town girl, a native of Needville, Texas; my name is Kwanza Jones.
As an active student here at Pratt Community College since 2016, I have been
diligent in making our social environment positive and bright! Originally coming
to Kansas to follow my volleyball dreams, I quickly became involved in Encore,
and the Peer Educators organization. This year, to that list I have also become a
Student Admissions Representative. With my vibrant and outgoing personality I
have helped to lead many students in the right direction. I try to exemplify
excellent skills in both teamwork and leadership. I have been productive with
my resources, and continually try to offer positive support to my peers and
others. I feel very passionately that I am capable of setting a strong example
for the Winterfest Queen candidates who will come after me.

Winterfest headshot-04.jpg
Juliana Alarcon-Diaz (Women’s Basketball); Sophomore-
Business Administration; Bogota, Colombia 

My name is Juliana Alarcon-Diaz and I am a sophomore fromBogota,
Columbia.I am majoring in Business Administration and spend my time
working asResident Assistant in Beck Hall, working in the Student Life
office, and playing on the women’s basketball team. Juli plans on graduating
this spring and transferring to a four year institution.

Wyatt Burchett (Men’s Soccer); Sophomore- Finance; Houston, TX

My name is Wyatt Burchett and I am a sophomore from Houston, Texas.
I am majoring in Finance and spend my time working as Resident
Assistant in Scholarship Hall, and playing defender on the soccer
team. Wyatt plans on graduating this spring and transferring to a four
year institution to continue his soccer career.

Naomi Warren; Freshman-Education; Fort Worth, TX

My name is Naomi Warren and I am originally from Springfield, Missouri, but
family and I moved to Fort Worth, Texas my senior year. I currently attend Pratt  
Community College, majoring in Education. I also play volleyball for Pratt CC
volleyball program. On and off the court, I am energetic, loud, hardworking,
friendly, and a positive person to be around. I am interested in being considered
for the Winterfest court because it is another way to get involved at Pratt Community
College. I also want to represent the volleyball team on the Winterfest Court. As
the team’s nominee for the court I felt honored that they picked me for this
event. Not only are they motivating me on the volleyball court, but as well
as the Winterfest court

Winterfest headshot-08.jpg
Joel Harms; Freshman- Auto Tech; Newton, KS

My name is Joel Harms and I am a freshman from the Newton, Kansas
area. Right now I am majoring in Automotive Technologies as well
working as a Resident Assistant in Novotny Hall. I am honored to be
asked to represent the automotive program as well as all of the other
technical training programs that Pratt Community College has to
offer. I plan to graduate PCC in the spring of 2019 and possibly
transfer to a four year institution.

Angelo Leggitt; Sophomore-Undecided; Topeka, KS

I describe myself as a young individual who is endlessly seeking opportunities.
Pratt Community College has been my source for these opportunities during
the last two years of my life, and that is why I consider it such a great honor
to have been nominated by the faculty as a Winterfest participant. Winterfest
interests me because it provides a platform for me to be a model figure of
student life here at PCC. As a sophomore who participates in countless
extracurricular activities, I attempt to use every moment on campus to
make “Angelo Leggitt” a friendly name that everyone is familiar with.
Many of the activities and events that I am involved in are based around
the athletics department, however, I enjoy working in several other
departments of the school. Although I am originally from
Topeka, Kansas, I am proud to be part of the very close
community in Pratt.

Jada Catlin; Sophomore-Dentistry; Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

My name is Jada Catlin and I am a sophomore from
Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas.

I am majoring in Dentistry and spend my time working
as a Resident Assistant in Wojciechowski Hall and playing on
the women’s basketball team. Jada plans on
graduating this spring and transferring to a four
year institution to play basketball