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Shooting Sports receives $1,000 grant from NSSF

15 November 2012

The Shooting Sports Club at Pratt Community College was awarded with a $1,000 Shooting Sports Grant from the National Shooting Sports Foundation in October as part of a comprehensive grant program initiative.

The grant, which is granted through the Collegiate Shooting Sports initiative will be used to help fund the program at PCC.

"This is an expensive hobby," said Greg Bacon, Co-Sponsor of the Shooting Sports Club. "From ammo to entry fees, we have to raise every single dime of the money we need."

Shooting Club has been busy this year raising funds as well as attending competitions. Since the beginning of the school year, the club has generated over 410 hours of community service, 510 hours of practice, and 125 hours of competition.

The grant provides another opportunity to highlight the benefits of programs such as the shooting sports program at PCC and elsewhere.

"It seems like society is more and more people afraid of firearms, and there is certainly a push nationwide to educate the youth about any type of shooting sports," said Bacon. "That is why there is (an influx) of money available for oranizations to travel, buy supplies, etc. Midway USA is a huge company who has dumped millions into endowment funds for many shooting sports clubs."

PCC Shooting Sports members have held and participated in multiple events this year to help educate youth in the surrounding areas, and have volunteered time at banquets for Friends of the NRA in Pratt and Medicine Lodge, as well as at Ducks Unlimited in Pratt.

The Shooting Sports Club will be next competing at Lenexa, Kan. at a Scholastic Clay Target Program sanctioned clay shooting competition on Nov. 16.