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Welcome back Bucky Beaver

08 December 2016

Bucky Beaver made a come back in a big way at the Dec. 3 men and women's basketball games at Pratt Community College. Bucky was revealed to a the crowd with a new look and a new sense of excitement for PCC athletics, activities and student life.

In November, PCC athletics, held auditions for the beaver mascot and an eagerly energetic student was chosen. The identity of the student will remain a secret but Bucky will be sure to make appearances at PCC events, activities and of course at athletic games cheering on student-athletes and connecting with the crowd.

Bucky Beaver was born in the spring of 1992 to Barney and Betty Beaver. He was raised on the banks of the Ninnescah River near Pratt, Kansas. From a young age the other woodland animals marveled at Bucky’s high energy and pleasant disposition. He was a natural in the water, a natural leader and, of course, was dam proud of where he came from. When Bucky was old enough, he left home and took a job at a lumber mill. Unfortunately, Bucky did not find his work in the lumber yard fulfilling. He loved working with wood (what beaver doesn’t?) but he felt he had a higher calling. He wanted to rally humans in some great cause. That great cause: Pratt Community College! So on November 14th, 2016 Bucky took a shot at fulfilling a dream. He auditioned to be the mascot at Pratt Community College. He cheered, flapped his tail and raised his eager claws in the air. Bucky’s dream came true and he impressed the judges so much that they offered him the job…And the rest is history.

Bucky Beaver

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 220

Hometown: Pratt, KS

Favorite Food: Wood Chips

Favorite Drink: Sweat Tea

Hobbies: Swimming, cutting down trees

Favorite Song: Born to Be Wild by Steppenwolf

Favorite Movie: Caddy Shack (He has a distant relative who played the gopher)

Favorite Color: Royal Blue