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Frequently Asked Questions

Placement Testing
Financial Aid and Bill Payment
Living on Campus
Allied Health



When do classes start?

Classes for Fall 2015 begin August 18. Additional information about holidays and school closures can be found under the calendar link at the top of the page.

What is the average class size at PCC?

The average class size is between 15 and 25 students. Some classes, depending on their popularity, may have more.

When is a payment due?

A student’s payment is due on, or before, the start date of their class.

My employer is paying for my class(es). What do I need to do?

The individual’s employer must fax a letter that states the individual’s name and the courses that they are willing to pay for. Pratt Community College will then mail, fax or email them an invoice.

How can I change my major?

Students who wish to change a major or advisor will need to fill out the appropriate form in the Student Success Center. The previous advisor, as well as the new advisor, will both be notified.

Will my credits transfer?

Most will. We have an articulation agreement with all Kansas universities and if the student receives an associate’s degree with us, the 48 general education credits will transfer as such. If the student receives an associate’s degree and their credits do not transfer at all, please contact the Registrar and/or the VP of Instruction office for guidance. If the student does not earn an associate’s degree, they will be subject to the university’s review of coursework.



How can I know what classes are available on eduKan?

The eduKan courses offered each semester can be viewed under the PCC class schedule. All courses are offered for college credit and with the exception of the developmental course may count toward graduation requirements at any of the institutions. Courses are offered in a semester basis and most offered courses range from one to five credit hours.

How much are eduKan classes?

Tuition for all eduKan courses for the term is a set rate of $147/credit hour regardless of Kansas residency status.

How can I pay for an eduKan class?

Credit Card via Phone, Money Order, Personal Checks, Cash and Third-Party Checks. All payment is due in full at the beginning of the period, as payment plans are not available for eduKan classes.

When does a section begin?

This information can be found on the left-hand side of the edukan.org website. Under information header, one can find ‘Semester Dates’. Clicking ‘Semester Dates’ will bring up a pdf schedule.

Do I need placement testing for eduKan?

Because of the nature for some eduKan courses, you will need to show that you are ready to pursue these courses just as you would if you were taking them on one of our campuses. Prerequisites are required for some eduKan courses, and showing that you have met the prerequisites can be done in one of two ways:

  • Providing a college transcript showing the successful completion of a prerequisite course. Grade should be "C" or higher.
  • Submitting standardized test scores. Either ACT or ASSET test scores may be used for this purpose.

If you are using a college transcript of previous course work for the prerequisite, please request that your former college send an official transcript to the registrar at your college of enrollment. Your transcript needs to be on file by the day the course starts.
If you are using ACT scores, please request that ACT send a copy of your ACT scores to the registrar at your college of enrollment. Scores must be on file by the time the course starts. ACT scores must be no more than two years old.
If you wish to use ASSET test scores, please request that an official score report be sent from the college where you took the ASSET test to the registrar at your college of enrollment. Scores must be on file by the time the course starts.
If you have not completed prerequisites through previous college courses and if you do not have placement test scores, you are encouraged to make arrangements with your selected eduKan college campus for placement testing, or to locate a community college near your home and arrange for placement testing.



How do I obtain my books?

Please contact the Bookstore at KrystalA@prattcc.edu or by calling 620-672-6937



Where is the list of everything I need to do to be ready to attend PCC?

You will find our check sheet with a complete list of steps to take here.

I am in High School. How do I register for College Start Classes?

The prospective student will need to speak with the CTE Coordinator at 620-450-2222 to enroll the student into classes. The prospective student will need to submit a College Start application; They can also enroll at their high school for dual-credit classes. The prospective student will also need to take a COMPASS placement test. 

How do I get my PCC transcript sent to another college?

In order to receive a transcript, official or unofficial, use this link to request one http://prattcc.edu/student-services/transcript-request You must have a major credit card, a working email address and must know the email address of the recipient. The cost for sending a transcript is $12.

How do I add an online class? It is not showing up on my Self-Service account.

Online classes are added in our system by the online administrator. If you have specific questions on how to enroll, email online@prattcc.edu or call 620-450-2184. If you have any questions about what class is needed, or what you should add to your schedule, you should call the Student Success Center to speak to an academic adviser. Online classes are not covered by scholarships. eduKan classes are added on the eduKan website, www.edukan.org.

Placement Testing


 Why do I need to take a placement test to enroll at PCC?

Pratt Community College requires all degree-seeking students to take an assessment test for placement prior to registration in classes. The purpose of this test is to help determine the student’s level of skill in English, reading, and mathematics. The information will be used to determine the most appropriate courses for the student at this time. If the student has not taken the ACT or another placement test, they may take the COMPASS test in the Student Success Center. They will not have to take the placement test if they have previously completed English and math classes that satisfy PCC requirements.

Students may enroll at PCC without placement scores on file but they will not be able to enroll in English, math or physical science courses at the college level. We suggest students send scores and/or college transcripts to PCC or take the Compass exam in order to see where students place and give the student the opportunity to those classes as soon as possible. For more information on placement scores and course placement, please contact the Student Success Center.

If I haven’t taken the ACT/SAT, will I have to take the COMPASS test?

You will not have to take the placement test if you have previously completed English and Math classes that satisfy PCC requirements. The Student Success Center will determine if the requirements have been met.

Where can I take the COMPASS test?

A COMPASS test can be taken through the PCC Student Success Center. If the student plans to take the Compass test on the Pratt main campus, the SSC offers testing appointments throughout the day, Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 3 p.m. during the school year (summer hours: Monday - Thursday 8 a.m. - 3 p.m. and Friday 8 - 11 a.m.). COMPASS exams are not timed but we schedule in two hour increments during business hours, i.e., testing sessions start no later than 3 p.m.

Is there a fee for the COMPASS test?

Yes. There is a $5 dollar fee to take the COMPASS test.

What is the difference between the WorkKeys Test and the COMPASS test?

The COMPASS test is a placement test, used to place students in the appropriate English, math and reading classes for a student’s skill level. The WorkKeys exam is offered to technical program students (e.g. auto, ag power, EPT, etc.) who wish to earn “credit by examination.” The WorkKeys exam cannot be used to place students into the appropriate English, math or reading classes.

Financial Aid, Bill Payment and Student Loans


What financial aid is available?

The following items are most common: FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), PCC Scholarships and third-party scholarships.

You can apply for PCC Scholarships under Financial Aid Info. FAFSA can be found at www.studentaid.ed.gov. The student does not have to pay to complete the FAFSA and their information will be converted to an EFC (estimated family contribution) number that allows our financial aid office to put a Financial Aid package together. 

What is the status of my financial aid?

The Receptionist in Financial Aid can check the student’s paperwork to see what has been completed.

Has my financial aid been applied to my account?

The Student Accounts Coordinator, located in the Business Office, can check to see if scholarship funds and financial aid have been applied to the student’s account. If funds and aid have not been applied to the student’s account, the student will need to contact the Financial Aid Department.

I got a letter telling me I need to add a class in order to keep my scholarship. How do I do that?

Students that have a scholarship of $500 or more need to be enrolled in 16 or more credit hours to keep their scholarship. They can add a class with their advisor. If they do not know who their advisor is, please have them contact the Student Success Center to find out.

Are online classes covered by scholarships?

Online classes are NOT covered by scholarships.

My Pell and Student Loans are not on the statement that I received. Can you fix this?

The student will need to speak with an advisor in the Financial Aid Department.

Why is there a stop/hold on my account?

There are various reasons for a stop/hold. The most common is that a past due balance is owed on the account. The Business Office cannot take that stop off until the balance is paid in full.

When is my payment due?

A student’s payment is due on, or before, the start of classes, unless a payment plan has been set up.

How do I setup a payment plan?

The individual will need to go to the PCC website and login on Self-Service. Under Finances, click on the Payment Plan. Plans are done through Official Payments.

Does the Student Accounts Coordinator take payments over the phone?

Yes, we take every kind of debit/credit card over the phone.

Living on Campus

Does Maintenance clean residence halls?

Dorm bathrooms are cleaned by maintenance in Porter, Beck and Novotny. In the other residence halls, the students are responsible for cleaning their own bathrooms. Maintenance does not clean any residence hall rooms.

Can a member of the Maintenance Staff unlock my room if I am locked out?

Yes, however, a student will need to provide a proper ID before maintenance will unlock a residence hall door.

I’ve lost my key card, what do I do?

The student will need to pay a $10 replacement fee at the Cashier window. Upon the payment of the $10 dollars, the student will receive a receipt. The Admissions Office in Area 51 will collect the receipt before the printing of a new key card.

I’ve lost my room key, what do I do?

Residents who have misplaced their keys will need to see the Housing Director, or the Housing Director’s Assistant. A replacement key is $50.

Do I have to live in the residence halls?

The students required to live on campus are those that have a scholarship of more than $500. Students enrolled in less than 12 credit hours normally are not authorized to reside on campus. Exceptions may occur only when there is space available and the current waiting list is exhausted. Room assignments will be limited to no more than two persons per room.

A waiting list shall be established on a first come first served basis. Students will be selected from the waiting list with regard to available space. Waiting list participants shall have on file a completed room and board contract, confidential health card, required immunizations, personal information card, and room deposit.

The college will not assume any responsibility for conduct and security of students residing off campus.

Those scholarship students exempt from on-campus living must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Married
  • Age 21 or older by December 31 of the current year.
  • Living with parent(s) of legal age and/or court appointed guardian or other immediate family members.
  • Have a handicap that cannot be accommodated.
  • Have lived in Pratt County a minimum of two years and established residency.
  • Are released by the administration.
  • Have a minor child living at home.



What is Self-Service?

Self-Service is an online account that allows students to access class schedules, unofficial transcripts and billing information. Self-Service also gives approved students the ability to register for classes.

How do I create a Self-Service account?

Visit Self-Service here. You will enter your date of birth, first and last name, and student ID number, which can be found in PowerCampus.

Where do I get my Self-Service password/account?

Mary Bolyard (620-450-2115) or an available staff member in Admissions, can create a Self-Service account for a student. Your user name and a temporary password will be emailed to you.

What do I do if I forgot my password?

You can use the “Forgot My Password” option on the Self Service login page. Once you login with the temporary password, you will be asked to change the password to something that is more recognizable to you.

I used the “Forgot my Password” on Self Service, but I never received an email with a temporary password. What do I do now?

First, try contacting the Student Services office. They will check the system to see if we have the correct email address on file. If the Student Services office is not able to successfully assist you, they will refer you to the Computer Center.

How do I check my grades?

You can check your grades by logging into your Self-Service Account. Your grades can be found under the ‘Grades’ Tab. You will need to click ‘Grade Report’ in order to view grades.



What Nursing Programs does PCC offer?

  • Online/Hybrid ADN Completion Program  (twice a year) Paramedics may also apply
  • On campus  LPN program (Fall Semester, Winfield Campus)
  • On campus Pratt  LPN program through South Central Kansas Nursing Partnership, apply to Wichita Area Technical College, go to www.watc.edu for more information
  • On campus ADN Completion Program - LPN to RN program ( Fall Semester, Pratt, Wichita or Winfield Campus)


How do I apply for the Nursing Program?

The nursing application can be found on our website, click on the nursing tab.   Pratt Community College's  nursing recruiter is Frank Stahl (620-450-2114) or Franks@prattcc.edu.  To apply for the LPN program on the Pratt Campus you must attend a mandatory information session held in March.  For more information please go to www.watc.edu

Do all pre-reqs have to be completed before I submit my application?

No, however, pre-reqs must be successfully completed (with a "C" or better)prior to entering the nursing program. If you are applying for a fall program, YOU MUST COMPLETE ALL PRE-REQS DURING THE SPRING SEMESTER.  YOU CANNOT FINISH  PRE-REQS DURING THE SUMMER.  To be considered for admission, we must have your PCC Nursing Application, TEAS-V ® scores, high school transcript, and all college transcripts.

Do I have to submit a high school transcript?

Yes, a high school, homeschool transcript or GED certificate is required for admission to PCC.

What do I do if my credit hours for a specific class are less than that which is required by PCC?

Send a syllabus for the year and term from your college to PCC Nursing Admissions along with a Degree Exception Form. You will be notified whether or not your course(s) is/are approved. Please allow up to six weeks to be notified.

Would a copy of my transcripts from a former college suffice?

All transcripts must be the OFFICIAL transcripts from the college or colleges you attended and must be from all colleges you have ever attended. NO copies will be accepted.

Can paperwork be turned in after the Priority Deadline?

Yes. Applicants with application materials submitted by the priority deadline will be considered first. New applicants may be considered if openings occur.

Do I need to take a PCC nursing transition course?

Yes, if admitted, you will receive an acceptance letter via e-mail explaining details about the course. The course must be successfully completed in order to secure your admission into the Nursing Program.

What if I do not pass Dosage Calculations, can I reapply?

Yes, you can reapply, but you will be required to successfully pass (with a "C" or better, or a "P") a Dosage Calculation Course.

What is the TEAS-V ®?

The TEAS-V ® is the Test of Essential Academic Skills Assessment for Admissions. The test is computer-based and is made up of 170 questions. You are allowed 209 minutes to test. There are 4 sections with the total score weighted differently to reflect skills determined most important for beginning nursing students: Science 32%, Reading 28%, Math 20%, and English 20% = 100%.
You MUST score a minimum of 50% on the science portion of the TEAS-V. 
Study guides available at Pratt Community College Bookstore and Cowley County Community College Bookstore. Study guides and practice exams are available at www.atitesting.com.
The computerized test contains 170 questions with a 209 minute time limit.

The 4 sections are weighted differently to reflect skills determined most important for beginning nursing students (Science 32%, Reading 28%, Math 20% and English 20%).

There is no "cut off" score. However, earning a higher score will increase the chances of being accepted. You must score a minimum of 50% on the Science portion of the TEAS-V. 

STUDY and seek tutoring in areas you feel you are weak. Tutoring is available free to current PCC students in the Learning Resource Center.

Students may only take the TEAS-V® twice. The cost to take the TEAS-V® is $50.

Testing is available by appointment at the Student Success Center in Pratt by calling (620) 450-2156, or at the eLearning Service Center in Wichita by calling (316) 927-3780, or on the Winfield campus by calling (620) 221-2763.


  • Calculators are prohibited.
  • Must show photo ID.
  • Fee will be collected before the test is taken.

Testing at other locations:

  • Confirm it is the new TEAS-V®.
  • Take all four (4) sections (Reading, Math, Science and English).
  • Have the location (school) email results to nursinginfo@prattcc.edu or faxed to (620) 450-2282 or mail to PCC Nursing Admission, 348 NE SR 61 Pratt, KS 67124. Copies from students are not accepted


When should I take the TEAS-V ®?

As soon as you have completed A&P and English Comp I, and have reviewed the study guide.


Allied Health


What is Certified Nurse Aide (CNA)?

This is a nursing techniques course designed to develop the skills of nurse aides in the hospital or long term care facility. Certification provides opportunities to work in nursing homes, hospitals, assisted living facilities, and many other health care facilities where patient assistance is needed.
This course meets the guidelines set forth by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment. http://www.kdheks.gov/

This course is offered online, and one night a week at the main PCC campus to high school and adult students.
Admission Requirements:

  • Completion of PCC Application.
  • Student must be 16 years of age.
  • A copy of student social security card.
  • Signature of Student agreement and memo of understanding.
  • Provide a negative TB test that has been administered in the last six months of the start date of class.
  • Completion of State Application and a $20 check made out to KDHE.


What is Home Health Aide?

This course is designed to provide Certified Nurse Aides with additional training and knowledge to provide safe, effective, and supportive personal care assistance in the privacy and comfort of an individual clients' home setting. Provides opportunities to work in the home setting, including Home Heath and state aide to the elderly and disabled.

This course meets the guidelines set forth by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment. http://www.kdheks.gov/This course is offered online, and at the main PCC campus to high school and adult students.

What are the Admission Requirements?

  • Completion of PCC Application
  • Current State Nurse Aide Certification license
  • A copy of student social security card
  • Signature of Student agreement and memo of understanding
  • Provide a negative TB test that has been administered in the last 6 months of the start date of class
  • Completion of State Application and a $20 check made out to KDHE
  • COMPASS reading test. A proctor fee of $5 is required. Student must score a 58 or higher to be admitted into the course. Students in the Wichita area contact: 316-927-3780.